Korea Buy And Ship service makes your online shopping easy and fast Our korea buying service is simple. You can order from any Korean online stores with Korea Buy and Ship. All you need to do is to send us Korean website link you want to shop from, item description, size or color and quantity you want to buy. After you submit order form, you will receive an email with your order details with an invoice to pay. We will shop on your behalf from any Korean stores. Once your items arrive to Korea Buy and Ship 's warehouse, Korea Buy And Ship will examine all items if it is in good condition and correct items. You will receive photos of your requested items you can see and confirm. We offer many different shipping options from economy shipping option to expedited shipping options you like. Shipment will be sent to you along with shipment tracking number with full customer service Korea Buy and Ship 's service fee is 10% of the total item price and minimum $9USD. You will experience best Korea Buy and Ship service

1. How to order?

It is simple to order!

All you need is information of (1. item web link/url, 2. option(size/color), 3. quantity)

Please check out [How It Works] page for detailed information

2. What is service cost?

Exchange & Refund ( 3.~4.)

3. Can i make an exchange or a refund before package is shipped out?

Exchange or return is available within 7 days after placing order. Domestic delivery fee will be charged if the request is made after we receive the item from Korean shops also Paypal or TransferWise fee will not be refunded. Free exchange or refund is available before we receive the item from Korean shops and item has not shipped from Korean shops.

4. Can i exchange or return the item after receiving the package?

Once the package has been shipped out from Korea or shipped to local Korean address, exchange and return is unavailable due to high return shipping cost. Please make sure about order before placing order. We ship correct items as requested and pack safely not to be broke during shipping

5. How to get discount?

6. How long will i wait until receiving my package?

It depends on what shipping option you chose. For surface mail, it would take `1 ~ 2 months to receive the package. For economy shipping, it would take 2~3 weeks to receive the package. For expedited shipping such as DHL, FEDEX, EMS, it would take from 4~7 days to receive the package. 

7. Where can i track my order?

Please view [Track My Order] page to track your package. We send you tracking number and website to track package once the item has been shipped out of Korea.