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Korea Proxy online shopping service makes shopping from Korea easy and fast.
Now you can buy Korea top character brands from Korea and enjoy Korea international shipping service with KoreaBuyandShip. KoreaBuyandShip is your best Korea proxy online shopping service. In Korea, there are many character goods and brands such as Line Friends, Kakao Friends, Bandai mall, Molang shop. Many Korea brands don't ship internationally so we can do it for you. You don't have to stick to each Korea online shopping store for expensive international shipping cost. KoreaBuyandShip, your Korea proxy online shopping service can combine your orders from multiple Korea online shops and ship them together for you to save shipping cost and enjoy Korea online shopping

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KoreaBuyandShip helps you buy from any Korea online shopping malls and ship internationally. Korea shops usually ship only in Korea not internationally or require expensive international shipping cost. KoreaBuyandShip works with partner shipping companies for you to pay the least international shipping cost. In case you would like to buy from not only 1 shopping malls, but to buy from more than 2 shopping malls. We combine items from Korea shops into one package for you to save international shipping cost by paying only once. We offer Korea buying service, Korea proxy service, warehouse service. Now you can buy from any Korea shopping malls with cheap, various international shipping options. You can use economy shipping, standard shipping, expedited shipping options for your preference. 

1. Korea Buying Service

2. Korea Warehouse Service

1. Korea Buying Service

KoreaBuyandShip helps you buy from any Korea online shops and ship internationally. Now you can use our Korea proxy online shopping service. Our Korea online shopping service is simple. All you need is 3 information. Korea shopping mall website link/url, item name, option name(color/size). After fill out our order form and shipping address form, we will contact you with order details and price quote. You can make a payment for items then we will start buying your requested items. Once items all arrive at our warehouse, we will let you know with item photos and international shipping cost. You can choose international shipping options from economy shipping to expedited shipping. Once shipping invoice is paid, we will ship your package along with tracking number so that you can track your package.

2. Korea Warehouse Service

KoreaBuyandShip helps you buy from any Korea online shops and ship internationally. Now you can use our Korean warehouse service. You can store your items at KoreaBuyandShip warehouse and ship out whenever you want. We will combine packages into one package for you to save international shipping cost. You can choose from different international shipping options. We offer surface sea shipping, economy shipping, expedited shipping. Surface mail usually take 1~2 months with lowest shipping cost. Economy shipping takes 1 ~ 1 month and half to arrive and cheaper than expedited shipping. Expedited shipping option takes 4~7 days to arrive with higher shipping cost.