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Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes

Spao - buy korea fashion clothes

How To shop on Spao store- introduction

KoreaBuyandShip is your Korean personal shopper. We will buy your requested products from Korea and ship internationally. KoreaBuyandShip offers Korea buying service, Korea Package forwarding service, Free Korean address service. Buying service is simple. You can submit our order form and address form. We will buy those items from Korea and ship to you. You can also ask us to ship your package to certain address. Package forwarding service is available domestically or internationally. When you need Korean address, we will offer our office address. So you can shop using our address. Once the package arrives at our office, we will let you know the package and shipping cost. You can also use our warehouse service and ship them all together. Combined shipping cost is always cheaper than shipping each items individually. We will go through how to order from Spao – buy korea fashion clothes


how to translate korean website

How To Shop On Spao store- translation

Before explaining on how to buy from  Spao STORE, Spao STORE is in Korean language. So we recommend you using Google Translator. Usually chrome is the best browser for google translation. However, you can use other browsers such as Safari , Firefox, Microsoft edge. We have instruction on how to use google translator. Also you can follow steps of how to translate website language with video. We linked a video on how to translate language of any Korean website on our website.So you can easily use translate Korean website and enjoy Korea online shopping.

Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes
Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes

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How To Shop On Spao store- Shopping page

Spao Store is a store for Korea fashion products. You can find trendy fashion clothings on Spao . Spao is famous for collection of all fashion brands in Korea. You will see Best items, Top, outers, pants, onepiece, skirt, sneakers, shoes, bag, women’s bag. Also sports goods, golf goods, headwear, socks, legwear, underwear, eyewear, accessory, watch. Jewelry, beauty, digital/tech, life, culture, pet supplies. 

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Shop On Spao store Korea Online

Spao Store is Korean skincare store. You can buy them online through us KoreaBuyandShip. Look around the site and find your favorite Korean pop goods. After you found your favorite goods, you can submit our order form on KoreaBuyandShip website. We will buy them and ship to you. Enjoy Korea online shopping with KoreaBuyandShip.

Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes
Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes

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How To Shop On Spao store- Shopping page

On Spao store, you can find men’s and women’s clothes. Fashion items such as

denim pants, short pants, backpack, t-shirt, cap, hat, canvas shoes, sandal, slipper, blouse, swim wear, beach wear

top : knit, sweater, hoodie, half sleeve, long sleeve. sport wear, shirt, blouse

outer : hoodie zip-up, winter coate, blouson, ma-1 jacket, winter double coat, mustang/ fur, trucker jacket, suit, blazer jacket, padded jacket, cardican, safari/hunting jacket
fleece jacket, training, stadium jacket, coach jacket

pants : denim pants, short pants, cotton pants, leggings, suit pants, slacks jump suit, over wool , training, jogger pants, sport shorts


shoes : dress shoes, slipper, loafer, flat shoes, boat shoes, blooper shoes, sandal, boots,

bags : backpack, waist bag, messenger/cross bag, pouch bag, brief case, shoulder bag, carrier, tote bag, eco bag, boston bag, clutch bag

sport wear : top, pants, outer, sport equipment, sport shoes, sport bag, sport hat, camping & fishing gear, swim wear, beach wear

hat : cap, baseball cap, bucket&safari hat, beanie, socks, underwear, sunglasses, glasses,

accessories : mask, muffler, keyring, belt, scarf, gloves, neck tie

watch : digital watch, analog watch, watch equipment

jewelry : Bracelet, Ring, Necklace/Pendant, Earring, Ankle, Brooch/badge, Hair Accessories

beauty : Skin Care, Cleansing, Base makeup, Point Makeup, Body Care, Shaving / Hair Removal, Hair Care, Perfume/Deodorization, Beauty devic, Diet/Health, Beauty Props, Dental Care

digital / tech : Acoustic appliances, Mobile Phone, Smart Device, Tablet, TV/Video Appliances, Computer, Camera
Household appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Seasonal Home Appliance, Vehicle Digital, The Game, Other Digital/Tech

living/life : Furniture, Lighting, Bedding, Home Fabric, Home Interior, Kitchenware, Household Goods, Bathroom Supply, Office Supplies, Other Life

Culture : Tickets, Books/Records, Hobbies, Art, Other Culture

Pet : Pet Clothing, Pet Miscellaneous Goods, Pet supplies, Pet food

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copy and paste 3 informations

Now you finally decided what product you are going to buy. To use our buying service, you will need 3 information. First, website link of the product. Second, product option such as color or size. Third, Quantity you would like to order. You can copy the website link and paste it into our buying order form. 

Spao - Buy Korea Fashion Clothes

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submit buying service order form

Now you can submit our order form to buy from Spao STORE . Write in your name, email. You can choose what shipping option to use. We offer from economy shipping to expedited shipping options. You can use economy shipping option if it is not urgent and you can wait for delivery. Expedited shipping takes 4~7 days to arrive if you need the package early. You can also pay by your preffered currency. You can pay by Paypal, TransferWise, Korea bank transfer. Fee is different for every payment method. So you can paste the website link into the order form. Also item name, option(size/color), quantity to order. You can add as many items you want. Press submit order button to order. 

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submit address form

After submitting order form, you can submit address form. This is your shipping address. This address should be correct so the package does not arrive at wrong address. You can fill out this form if you are first time using our service. If you have already used our service before, there is no need to submit address form again. You can add more items to the package anytime after submitting order. You can save shipping cost by shipping your items all together. Combined shipping cost is cheaper than shipping packages individually.

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worldwide shipping from korea

KoreaBuyandShip offer worldwide shipping from Korea. We are partnered with shipping or forwarding companies. We suggest best shipping company and option for your country and time manners. Not only DHL or Fedex is the best shipping company. Shipping cost can be cheaper by other shipping companies to your country. We will find best shipping option for you.